Dry steam cleaner

Steam cleaner made of stainless steel

The Thermostar dry steam system is a steam cleaner with a casing made of high-quality stainless steel (10 year guarantee on the boiler!). Your repair guarantee for the Thermostar dry steam system applies independently of that!

The Thermostar dry steam cleaner ensures hygienic cleanliness for rough and smooth surfaces, and has a considerably longer service life than conventional steam cleaners – thanks to the outstanding workmanship and the Thermostar technology:

  • stainless steel boiler (10 year guarantee)
  • integrated fan for cooling the electronics
  • self-decalcifying immersion heater (expansion during temperature increases causes calcium deposits to fall off)
  • self-decalcifying electromechanical float (with True Temp technology for constantly high steam temperature)

The Thermostar dry steam cleaner is certified by TÜV and has the GS symbol.