Lifelong Restoration Warranty*

Steam boiler made from stainless steel, integrated fan for cooling the electronics and self-decalcifying heating rod as well as float: No miracle that the Thermostar Dry steam system has a very long service life with such a special assembly. The intelligent technology is so outstanding that one now finds it in many other products worldwide. Thanks to the self-decalcifying heating rod, it has a 4-times stronger power than spiral heating elements and can also be replaced at any time. And yet, should a repair become necessary, the Restoration Warranty protects you against additional costs – lifelong!*

Your guarantee: No matter how high the costs of repair actually are – you pay at most 10% of the current retail price of your device for it!**

So the investment in a Thermostar Dry steam cleaner is an investment for life. You will not need another steam cleaner anymore. This is how you can go easy on your wallet, since you save the acquisition costs for a new steam cleaner and also help the environment – no disposal costs for additional devices.

Through its special technology, the Thermostar not only has an especially long service life, but also for the cleaning, this means cleaning without chemicals and/or cleaning products. You clean exclusively with hot water steam. You are thereby making a valuable contribution to preserving our environment.

  • the best European product quality for a long service life
  • environmentally friendly: cleaning without cleaning products and/or chemicals

If you want to find out more about the lifelong Restoration Warranty, simply contact one of our Thermostar authorised dealers directly, or send an e-mail to:

* A lifelong Restoration Warranty means a period of 30 years.
**This Restoration Warranty must be found to apply individually per case of damage. Hence no repair of your device will cost more than 10% of the current sales price (at the time of your repair) of your Thermostar plus the shipping costs.