Thermostar Dry Steam Cleaner

Revolutionary cleaning system for domestic and industrial use

Thermostar is the high performance dry steam cleaner that facilitates all of your cleaning in your household, garden, all around the car and in many other areas – extremely efficiently and completely without the use of harmful chemicals!

Cleanliness and Hygiene – easy as never before!

With Thermostar you are choosing all of the advantages of the worldwide best cleaning system:

  • Thorough cleanliness in a minimum of time
  •  Hygienic cleaning without chemicals
  • Powerfully dissolves even the toughest grime
  • 6 bar permanent steam pressure power
  • Extensive accessories included
  • Extremely versatile in its applications
  • Excellent quality with a lifetime repair guarantee

Your Distributor

Individual, personal consultation is a part of Thermostar’s service. Your local specialist distributor gladly demonstrates the Thermostar where you intend to use it – at your location on site.

Simply arrange your desired date here: Contact